We are affiliated with the following organisations for the promotion and advancement of Science and Technology (S&T). We represent Malaysian Scientists in their professional development, towards the development of S&T for our Nation as a whole.

Please click on the logo/abbreviation to visit the website of the cited organisations. Note that some of the links may be inadvertently offline.

Federation of Asian Scientific Academies and Societies (FASAS)

MSA is a Founder Member of FASAS, a federation of 16 scientific academies and societies from the Asia-Pacific region. FASAS voices the challenges faced by member institutions towards the common goal of nation building. <! FASAS activities include: >

TWNSO logo Third World Network of Scientific Organisations (TWNSO)

MSA is a member of the Third World Network of Scientific Organisations (TWNSO). MSA currently hosts the TWNSO Asia office.

IFS logo International Foundation for Science (IFS)

MSA is a member of the International Foundation for Science (IFS), an International funding agency funding scientific collaboration and research projects in Third World countries.

International Federation of Associations for the Advancement of Science and Technology (IFAAST)

MSA is a Founding Member of IFAAST which comprises 30 organisations world wide that are involved in the promotion of S&T.

Local Affiliations


The Association is the majority share holder of Kumpulan Ikhtisas Sains Malaysia (KISM) Sdn Bhd. KISM owns the WISMA KISM building located at Lot 2D, Jalan SS 5D/6, 47301 Kelana Jaya, Selangor. The building is currently available for rent/lease. It is classified for Institutional Use. If you are keen to view the building or consider it for your business, please contact our President care of the Executive Secretary.

COSTAM logo Confederation of Scientific and Technological Associations in Malaysia (COSTAM)

MSA is a member of COSTAM, a Malaysian confederation of 27 scientific and technological associations. We participate actively in organising the annual COSTAM Public Lecture and in the annual Malaysian Science and Technology Congress (MSTC), since first organised in 1991 and 1993 respectively. Members are encouraged to participate actively in the MSTC to exchange ideas and build links with their peers.

S&T logo The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Malaysia (MOSTI)

MSA works closely with the Ministry of Science (formerly known as MOSTE), in special projects including the annual Science and Technology Awareness Seminar and the Science Fiction Writing Competition among others. Many of our activities and projects are supported and funded by the Ministry.

The Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE)

MSA is working to establish collaboration with the new Ministry of Higher Education.

MOE logo The Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE)
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MSA also works with MOE. Among our regular joint projects with MOE include the Environment Awareness Project and the Malaysian Watch Acid Rain (MAWAR) Project.

National Council for Scientific Research and Development (MPKSN)

We participate in the semi-annual dialogues between the National Council for Scientific Research and Development (MPKSN), and the scientific non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to discuss issues pertaining to the promotion and development of science and technology.

Other Scientific and Professional Organisations

We collaborate with a large number of scientific and professional organisations. The organisations include the Institut Fizik Malaysia (IFM), Institut Kimia Malaysia (IKM), the Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS), the Technological Association of Malaysia (TAM) and the Environment Management and Research Association of Malaysia (ENSEARCH). Members have the opportunity to develop close inter-discipline collaborations with their counterparts.

Besides non-governmental organisations, we also work with schools (e.g. PUSAT), public and tertiary institutions, R&D institutions, and various other government agencies and departments; and private sector companies and private establishments.